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None Of The European Power Wanted World War I, But They Feared Essays

None of the European power wanted World War I, but they feared Germany. Germany was newly unified, and was beating the European powers in population and Industry. France wanted to recover the Alsace-Lorraine. Britain was a country used to being on the ocean, so they felt threatened by Germany's colonial expansion and William II's insisting on a large navy. Russia and Austria feared pressure on their unstable empires. In 1887 William II refused to renew the Reinsurance treaty with Russia, but continued the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. In 1894 Russia made an alliance with France, and Great Britain settled it's differences with France in the Entente Cordiale in 1904 forming the Triple Entente. The assassination, with Serbian Knowledge, of the liberal Austrian archduke Francis Ferdinan in Sarajevo in June 1914 was the spark that set off the war. Germany assured Austria full support, which resulted in an Austrian ultimatum that Serbia could not accept. Austria declared war on Serbia. Russia mobilized to defend Serbia, then Germany declared war on Russia. Germany also declared war on France. Germany wanted a quick defeat of France. To avoid the French frontier, German forces moved through neutral Belgium thinking they would take Paris by surprise. The Germans encountered more resistance than expected in Belgium, giving France time to prepare. [Caidin 207] This violation of international law destroyed all sympathy for the Central Powers. Although German forces nearly reached Paris, the British and French Miraculously turned back the Germans at the Battle of Marne. The two sides dug trenches for a war that would last four years. The Russians then attacked sending Germany into a two front war. The Germans defeated the Russians Many times on the east, but the Allies blockaded the Germans on the east by cutting off food and raw materials, The Germans became desperate to break the blockade, so they declared unrestricted submarine warfare. [Villiers 176] After several American ships were sunk, the United States entered the war in 1917. The Russians were in the middle of several revolutions so they were not a threat to Germans. In 1918 when the Germans did not have to worry about the east, they launched an all out offensive attack in the west, but the United Allies slowly turned the tide. Realizing the situation was hopeless the German High Command urged William to let a new civil government sue for peace. Woodrow Wilson, U.S. President from 1913 to 1921, insisted on dealing with citizens. William grudgingly appointed Prince Max of Baden as chancellor. Even Though Wilson was negotiating with the chancellor there were still many problems. Fighting continued, sailors mutinied, socialist staged strikes, workers and military formed Communist councils, and revolution broke out in Bavaria. [Grolier] Prince Max announced the abdication of William II and resigned. When Germany surrendered and changed its government, it expected a negotiated peace rather than the harsh terms of the Versailles treaty of 1919. The allies were determined to receive reparations for their losses and to see that Germany was never in a position to harm them again. Germany lost the Alsace-Lorraine to France and lost West Prussia to Poland. It also lost all its colonies and had to give up most of its coal, trains, and merchant ships, as well as its navy. Germany had to limit its army and submit to Allied occupation of Rhineland for 15 years. Worst of all, the Germans had to accept full responsibility for causing the war and, consequently pay its total cost. The Germans did not consider themselves anymore guilty than anyone else and could not possibly pay all of the costs demanded. The Versailles treaty seemed fair to the Allies point of view, but it did not ensure a lasting peace. By accepting the treaty the German Government gained a bad name among its people. [Encarta96] The war reparations put a enormous strain on a country already bankrupted by four years of war. In Weimar in 1919 a nationalist assembly, led by the Social democratic party, wrote a democratic constitution for the new German Reich. But the prospects of the Weimar Republic, as it was familiarly known, were dim. For most Germans the government was defeated and was controlled by the Versailles treaty, which they regarded as only temporary.[Encarta96] The Parliamentary government was opposed by conservative militarists and revolutionary scientists. Both sides frequently tried to overthrow the government with small armies. For instance the military Kapp Putsch in 1920 and, the Uprising of the Communist Sparticists in 1919 under Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg. The economic situation made matters worse because the German government could not pay off reparation

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Free Essays on Understanding Globalisation

The concept of global culture is one in which we must look at from a very open minded perspective. From the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, to New Delhi’s Yamuna River we see the effects of globalization. Erla Zwingle describes the process of globalization, as a shift from old, locally owned businesses, to new multinational corporations whose product are consumed in every part of the world. Within this shift from local, to multinational business we can also see that English, a single language is emerging as one in which people all over the world are able to communicate through. Along with this new global language we can also see that certain consumer products are now recognizable on the global level. A good example of one of these products is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola, originally a small company based out of Atlanta, Georgia whose corporate reach was limited to the American South is now a global company whose trademark logo can be recognized by almost anyone all over the world. Another example of a global culture that Zwingle uses is the example of Tom Sloper and Mah-Jongg. Tom Sloper is an American software developer that plays the Chinese game Mah-Jongg with people all over the world through the Internet. Through interactions with people in different parts of the world, such as in Tom’s case, we can see that cultures are spreading to people whom previously would have no way to experience them. The question of if the spread of western culture through the world is a good thing is one in which we can look it from two different perspectives. On one hand we can see it as global advancement into a new era where people are more educated about different cultures. On the other hand we can view it as imposing a single culture on the entire world, destroying peoples cultural history and traditions. However black and white this debate may seem, Zwingle brings up a good point when discussing Chinese resistance to westernizati... Free Essays on Understanding Globalisation Free Essays on Understanding Globalisation The concept of global culture is one in which we must look at from a very open minded perspective. From the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, to New Delhi’s Yamuna River we see the effects of globalization. Erla Zwingle describes the process of globalization, as a shift from old, locally owned businesses, to new multinational corporations whose product are consumed in every part of the world. Within this shift from local, to multinational business we can also see that English, a single language is emerging as one in which people all over the world are able to communicate through. Along with this new global language we can also see that certain consumer products are now recognizable on the global level. A good example of one of these products is Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola, originally a small company based out of Atlanta, Georgia whose corporate reach was limited to the American South is now a global company whose trademark logo can be recognized by almost anyone all over the world. Another example of a global culture that Zwingle uses is the example of Tom Sloper and Mah-Jongg. Tom Sloper is an American software developer that plays the Chinese game Mah-Jongg with people all over the world through the Internet. Through interactions with people in different parts of the world, such as in Tom’s case, we can see that cultures are spreading to people whom previously would have no way to experience them. The question of if the spread of western culture through the world is a good thing is one in which we can look it from two different perspectives. On one hand we can see it as global advancement into a new era where people are more educated about different cultures. On the other hand we can view it as imposing a single culture on the entire world, destroying peoples cultural history and traditions. However black and white this debate may seem, Zwingle brings up a good point when discussing Chinese resistance to westernizati...

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Uneployment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Uneployment - Assignment Example extreme levels to an extent of posing major security threats to the respective countries since unemployment is recognized as the mother of courtliness ills like dishonesty, corruption and falsehood. It makes humans develop the dark side of their character. This paper is going to explore the issue of unemployment into by first describing the link between the unemployment rate and the GDP growth rate in Greece and in Australia during the period 2003-2012; explaining causes of structural unemployment in Nigeria as well as evaluating policies adopted by the coalition government since 2010 to reduce unemployment in the UK. Using relevant statistics, describe the link between the unemployment rate and the GDP growth rate in Greece and in Australia during the period 2003-2012 ( You are not expected to compare the two countries Sources show that Australia’s unemployment rate began to climb at the same time carbon tax started to increase. The carbon tax began on July 2012 and since then the rate of unemployment that had been dormant for two years started increasing dramatically. Australia’s GDP is said to have been outperforming that of major developed countries in the year 2011 and 2012 since its economy was accelerating upwards an impressive rate not until the carbon tax was implemented. In 2012, the rate of unemployment in Australia was 5.2% Unemployment in Nigeria is among the most critical problems that the country has been facing for many years. The rate of unemployment in the country is at alarming levels despite the fact that Nigeria is endowed with diverse and infinite resources, both human and material. According to a study that was conducted in 2010, the secondary-school graduates consisted of the principal fraction of the unemployed accounting for nearly 35% to 50% with the average the rate of unemployment within the age group of 20 to 24 years being 40 % while that for persons between 15 to 19 years was found to be 31 %. There exists a number of

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Directors responsibilities with regard to avoidance of tax Assignment

Directors responsibilities with regard to avoidance of tax - Assignment Example The firm accepts that the government has legal powers and can to take a share of the company’s profits away. Different countries have different tax rates and they must they paid as they are part of the rules and regulations of the country. If they are avoided they company would not be held socially responsible. It is agreed that the company can take all lawful measures to reduce the tax rates. But any illegal mean to avoid paying tax would result in avoid of taxes which has a negative multiplier effect on the company and its profitability. The duty of the director of a company is to have a good faith; an element that would promote the company following corporate social responsibility as it would be a benefit for the society on a whole. This would result in a positive multiplier effect in the long run and improve its relations with other stakeholders. A good reputation would be built if they pay the exact amount of tax otherwise they would not maintain a high standard of reputa tion in the market, thereby losing its credibility and goodwill. Tax evasion is practiced by directors illegally and it gives a smudge to the reputation of the company as a whole. But they live in a fool’s paradise if thy think it would not be known to general population and from that immature act they lose their credibility forever. This leads to customers driving away from the company as well. Recently, some multi-nationals have been found to be avoiding paying taxes in millions despite their enormous sales. The examples are Starbucks, Google, Amazon, Facebook and eBay but due to media coverage these multi-nationals have come under severe scrutiny. In countries like UK, businesses prosper because they have portrayed a good social and responsible image for its customers and there is a trust factor. They do this by not providing transparency in the accounts shared by the public. Via doing such an act they are on the verge of becoming directors of an insolvent firm. This would be a threat to the company’s long term profitability. Thus the directors must understand that taxes are a form of cost just like wages, rent, etc. LEGAL OBLIGATIONS ON COMPANY DIRECTORS IMPOSED THROUGH DIRECTORS’ DUTIES It is a natural phenomena in the modern world that governments run on the taxes paid by it’s citizens.1 The expenditures of a state have to be met by the taxes paid. The companies earning more have a bigger share in taxes than the ones earning less. The issue arises when multi-nationals earning in billions use legal strategies to avoid paying taxes. Having made legal grounds to undertake this, their action cannot be termed illegal and they cannot be held accountable in court.2 Such cases have recently come on the scene, thanks to the media reporting, but what can be done about it is still an issue. A director is a high-level employee of the company and is responsible for the company’s performance and answerable to it’s employer, th at is, the company. A director is not dutiful to the members of that company, and this also leaves out the company’s creditors and members. So, a director owes its trust element to the company only and this is determined by

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Project Risk Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Project Risk Management - Essay Example A co-operation considered less informal in terms of risk management results in a number of gains. This requires a long term relationship or co-operation among actors of project network. For example, a risk management engagement considered less informal, results in a reduced transaction costs since, it limits the need for rather, expensive contractual engagement. In addition, a risk management process that engages co-operation minimizes dyadic relationships and introduces a network-level engagement. A co-operative means of managing risks results in efficiency and at the same time, pinpoints ineffective and expensive practices resulting into risks. In the construction field today, risk management for projects is gaining recognition as a result of the critical procedures involved. Shortfalls witnessed in construction projects results from the complex nature of various implemented projects. The idea of subcontracting is taking precedence as a result of construction companies concentratin g on their main businesses. This creates a situation where, involvement in projects becomes complex due to many project participants. Uncertainty related to implementing successful projects is caused by various sources. Effective risk management for projects is tenable by developing an understanding of the relationship manifesting between risks and project networks. The stakeholders responsible for implementing a project need to recognize risks attributable to each participant in the project. This provides a reliable mechanism for risk allocation; on the other hand, risks within construction projects often arise because of the involvement of various sources. Construction projects often involve a continuous process in relation to decision making. This results from the existence of many sources that create uncertainty and risks. In most cases, such decisions are beyond the control of the bonafide project participants. Further, most construction projects fail in terms of meeting cost t argets and stipulated timeline (Abdou 7). As a result, it is crucial for contractors to recognize risk sources earlier. For example, in regions such as the Far-East, delays often results from, interference by the owner, lack of experience on part of the contractor, poor planning and financial constraints. Such risks are often network-related, in order to execute a successful project, there is need for guarantee in terms of project participant’s experience and skills. Other factors to consider involve the network undertaking the project (Abdou 8). As a good practice, risk management within projects requires improvements for contracts, providing incentives for quality and recognizing capabilities. According to Baloi and Price, there are two categories of risks related to construction projects (262); this is illustrated in the tables below. Table 1: Typical Risks Technical Social Construction Economic Legal Financial Natural Commercial Logistics Political Table 2: Risks by Impac t Dynamic vs Static Corporate vs Individual Internal vs External Positive vs Negative Acceptable vs Unacceptable Insurable vs Non insurable As suggested in both tables, the major source of risks for construction projects, are networks, this occurs either directly or indirectly. On another note, risks attributed to constructio

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Dermatoglyphic Patterns with Rampant Caries

Dermatoglyphic Patterns with Rampant Caries A Twin City Study Correlating the Dermatoglyphic patterns with Rampant Caries and Early Childhood Caries Abstract : Background and Aim : This study was undertaken to investigate and analyze the correlation between dermatoglyphic pattern and caries prevalence in young children in twin cities of Pune and Mumbai. Materials and methods : Two centers were selected in Pune and Mumbai . A total of 300 patients (150 patients in each center) were included in this study. The mean age ranged from 3-5 years. The samples were divided into two groups; Group I: Caries and Group II: caries-free groups.Group I was further divided into children with early childhood caries and children with rampant caries Dental caries were detected clinically using mouth mirror and probe(only to remove debris not probed into the fissures) in daylight or suitable light source. Fingerprints were obtained by the conventional ink method .Statistical analysis using the students t-test was used to determine mean values and gender differences in the findings using SPSS version 11.0 Results : The evaluation and comparison of patterns in children with caries and caries-free children in both right and left hands showed increase in the number of whorls in children with rampant caries as compared to children with early childhood caries. However , this was not statistically significant. Conclusion : The present study showed a definite variation in dermatoglyphics between the ECC ; rampant caries and caries-free group .However the rampant caries group showed more number of whorls as compared to the earl childhood caries group but they were statistically insignificant .Dermatoglyphics has proven to be an extremely useful, non-invasive and cost-effective tool for preliminary investigations into conditions with a suspected genetic base like dental caries. Keywords : Dermatoglyphics , rampant caries , early childhood caries. INTRODUCTION : The word dermatoglyphics comes from two Greek words (derma, skin and glyphe, carve) and refers to the friction ridge formations which appear on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet .(1) Dermatoglyphics is the scientific study of fingerprints. Since each person’s fingerprints are unique, we can understand one’s innate potential, personality, and preferences by analyzing dermatoglyphics. Dermatoglyphic patterns are highly variable from person to person, while genetic aberrations generally produce consistent phenotypes. A twin-city survey was conducted in Mumbai and Pune reviewing a total of 300 children. Twin citiesare a special case of twocitiesor urban centres that are founded in close geographic proximity and then grow into each other over time, losing most of their mutual buffer zone.Cities twinned by proximity do not necessarily match demographically, economically, or politically . The main focus of dermatoglyphic study is in the papillary ridges, the small markings that make up your fingerprints and exist on all primates skin. The formation of these papillary ridges occurs during a short window of development (2), and is influenced by a combination of genetics and the environment in utero. Being affected by the environment at such a time means thatmonozygotic twinswould have different dermatoglyphic markings .(3,4,5) The ridges do not change over post-natal life, which lends itself into forensic uses. The twin city survey was undertaken to evaluate the fingerprint patterns of children with dental caries ( Study groups-rampant caries versus early childhood caries ) and caries free individual (control group). Materials and Methods : Two centers were selected in Pune and Mumbai . A total of 300 patients (150 patients in each center) were included in this study. The mean age ranged from 3-5 years The samples were divided into two groups; Group I: Caries and Group II: caries-free groups.Group I was further divided into children with early childhood caries and children with rampant caries. Dental caries were detected clinically using mouth mirror and probe(only to remove debris not probed into the fissures)6 in daylight or suitable light source. Finger and palm prints were recorded using the ink method described by Cummins and Midlo.1The hands of the children included in this study were washed with soap and water to remove dirt and oil from the ridged skin and blot dried to improve the quality of the prints . Statistical analysis using the students t-test was used to determine mean values in the findings using SPSS version 11.0 Recording Interpretation of Dermatoglyphic patterns : Fingerprints : The fingerprints of all subjects were recorded using black duplicating ink ,the fingers were uniformly pressed on the ink pad after which the digits were pressed firmly against the white paper by the operator to avoid bias . The fingerprints obtained were checked for their clarity with a magnifying glass (Ãâ€"2) . INTERPRETATION OF HANDPRINTS The handprints were observed in a sequential manner under a magnifying glass with Ãâ€"2 power, from the left hand 4 th digit until the thumb followed by the thumb of right hand until the 4 th digit. This study included qualitative analysis that is the fingertip patterns (Loops, whorls,arches) The frequency of true patterns of loops, whorls, and arches was counted on the fingertips of all the 10 digits of children in all the groups. They were assessed for increase or decrease in mean frequencies. QUALITATIVE DERMATOGLYPHIC ANALYSIS Type of dermatoglyphic pattern Different types of dermal patterns were identified .(7) A loop is recognized as a series of ridges that enter the pattern area on one side of digit, recurves abruptly and leaves the pattern area on the same side. A single triradius is present, which is located laterally on the fingertip, where the loop is closed. If the ridge opens on ulnar side it is called as ulnar loop and if it opens toward the radial side it is called as radial loop. A whorl differs from the loop in the aspect of concentric arrangement of ridges, with two or more triradii in the latter. A whorl may be spiral, symmetrical, double looped, central-pocketed or accidental, depending upon the internal structure of the whorl pattern. In all the dermatoglyphic patterns seen, arches show the simplest ridge pattern, which is formed by the succession of one or more parallel ridges, which cross the finger from one side to the other without recurving. These patterns usually do not show the presence of triradii, except when the tented arch is present that will have a triradii point near its midline. RESULTS : Statistical results were obtained by one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) with Post-Hoc Tukey’s correction for multiple group comparisons . The average no. of loops did not differ significantly between ECC and Rampant caries group (P-value>0.05). The average no. of loops is significantly higher in control group compared to ECC and Rampant caries group (P-value0.05). The average no. of whorls is significantly higher in ECC and Rampant caries group compared to Control group (P-value0.05 for all). Table 1) The intergroup comparison of finger print pattern. Values are Mean  ± Standard Deviation. P-values by one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) with Post-Hoc Tukey’s correction for multiple group comparisons. P-value Figure 1 The intergroup distribution of finger print pattern (Right+Left). DISCUSSION : Widespread interest in epidermal ridges developed only in the last several decades when it became apparent that many patients with chromosomal aberrations had unusual ridge formations 10. Dermatoglyphic patterns make good material for genetic studies, because unlike stature, intelligence, and body weight, they are not significantly influenced by age or by postnatal environmental factors. 8,9,10 Dermatoglyphics have the advantage of remaining stable throughout life and therefore can be compared among individuals of different ages. The basis of considering dermatoglyphic pattern as genetic marker for dental caries is that the epithelium of finger buds as well as enamel which is the most susceptible dental tissue to dental caries have ectodermal origin and both develop at the same time of IU life.12 In this study , the evaluation and comparison of patterns in children with caries and caries-free children in both right and left hands showed increase in the number of whorls in children with rampant caries as compared to children with early childhood caries. However , this was not statistically significant. These results were substantiated by Atasu et al. who found an increased frequency of ulnar loops in caries-free children and an increased frequency of whorls in children with dental caries. The majority of whorl patterns in the control group were spiral while the caries group showed spiral, central pocket and double loop . Arches were least common patterns in both the groups.13,14 A definite correlation in the dermatoglyphic patterns between children with caries and caries-free children can be seen in this study. Thus, recording the dermatoglyphic patterns of children at an early age, during their first dental visit will be handy in predicting whether the child belongs to the high risk group or the low risk group and thereby can aid in planning a definitive preventive and treatment strategies. CONCLUSION : The dermatoglyphic patterns may be utilized effectively to study the genetic basis of dental caries. In a developing country like India , it might prove to be a non invasive , inexpensive and effective tool for screening . These patterns may represent the genetic make up of an individual and therefore it suggests an individual s predisposition to certain diseases . Since dermatoglyphics is still an counterfactual and imprecise science at the present time, it requires further extensive research to ascertain the significance of these variations in the dermatoglyphic features of children with dental caries . REFERENCES : Schaumann B, Alter M. Dermatolglyphics in Medical Disorders. New York, Heidel Berg, Berlin: Springer-Verlage; 1976. p. 14-75 Uchida JA, Solton HC. Evaluation of dermatoglyphics in medical genetics. Pediatr Clin North Am 1963;10:409-22. Pons J. Genetics of the A-B ridge count on the human palm. Ann Hum Genet 1964;27:273-7. 8. Venkatesh E, Bagewadi A, Keluskar V,Shetti A. Palmar dermatoglyphics in oralleukoplakia and oral squamous cell carcinoma patients. Journal of IndianAcademy of Oral Medicine and Radiology 2008;20:94-9. Hirsch W, Schweichel JU. Morphological evidence concerning the problem of skin ridge formation. J Ment defic research 1973;17:58-72. Penrose LS. Fingerprints, palms and chromosomes. 1963;197:933-8. Cummins. Revised methods of interpretation and formulation of palmar dermatoglyphics. Am J Phy Anthr 1929;12:415-502 Cummins. Study of error in interpretation and formulation of palmar dermatoglyphics. Am J Phy Anthr 1928;11:501-21 Okajima M. Development of dermal ridges in the fetus. J Med Genet 1975;12:243-50. Carter CO. Genetics of common disorders. Brit Med Bull 1969;25:2-57 Matsunaga E. Hereditary factors in congenital malformations. Igakunoayumi 1977;103:910-5 11. Verbov J. Clinical signifi cance and genetics of epidermal ridges-A review of dermatoglyphics. J Invest Dermatol 1970;54:261-71. 12. Madan N, Rathnam A, Bajaj N. Palmistry: A tool for dental caries prediction Indian J Dent Res 2011;22:213-8. 13. Atasu M. Dermatoglyphic fi ndings in dental caries: A preliminary report. J Clin Pediatr Dent 1998;22:147-9. 14. Ahmed RH, Mohammed I. Aref, Rania M Hassan and Noura R Mohammed. Dermatoglyphic study on patients with dental caries restored with dental fi llings and its correlation to apoptosis induced by dental fi llings. Nat Sci 2010;8:54-7.

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Essay --

The main focus of this paper will be on Italy’s population. Facts included will be the total population of Italy, along with population distribution, and population density. Topics such as the country’s linguistic, religion, and ethnic diversity will be touched upon as well. Lastly, the countries government, and their military will be explained. Let us begin with Italy’s overall population. In July 2013, Italy’s population came in at 61,482,297. This makes Italy the fourth most populated European country, and twenty third overall in the world. The population of Italy is mostly influenced by a birth rate of 9.78 live births per 1,000 people, which is relatively high, along with high life expectancy, and a death rate of 9.82 deaths per 1,000 people, which is low. A few of the most populous cities found in Italy include Genoa, Rome, Milan, Palermo, Turin, and Naples. Other major cities found in Italy that have a large population of more than 250,000 include Verona, Florence, Bologna, Bari, Catania, and Venice. The population distribution of Italy is as follows. Citizens aged 0-14 years make up 13.8% of the population, those 15-24 years make up 9.9% of the population, and those 25-54 years make up 43.2% of the population. Citizens aged 55-64 years make up 12.3% of the population, and those 65 and older make up 20.8% of the population. Therefore, the largest group th at composes Italy is those aged 65 or older. On top of this, Italy’s total median age is 44.2 years. The number of people per sq. km of land area in Italy in 2011 was 206.44. Over a fifty year span, Italy reached a maximum value of 206.44 in 2011, and a minimum of 171.83 in 1961. There are about 200 people living in every square kilometer of land area. However, due to th... ...zens of Italy live. The Vatican City can be found inside of Italy. The Vatican City is recognized as a sovereign state, meaning that it rules itself, and answers to no one. However, the Vatican is technically a country, which makes it the world’s smallest independent country by far. The languages spoken in Italy include the official language, Italian. On top of this, parts of the country such as Trentino- Alto Adige region speak mainly German. French speakers can also be found in parts, such as in the Valle d’Aosta region, and lastly Slovene is spoken in minority, in the Trieste-Gorizia part. A large majority of the population practices the Christian religion, at 80%. The legal system found in Italy is the civil law system. Military branches found throughout Italy include the Italian Armed Forces, the Army, the Navy, the Italian Air Force, and the Carabinieri Corps.

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Dante’s Inferno Essay

Dante’s Inferno is the most well-known and influential work of the thirteenth century. Dante’s Inferno is not a simple story of his journey through Hell. He depicts Hell with a very vivid picture and description. Dante’s Inferno is one part of the Divine Comedy. The Divine Comedy contains very realistic and frank concepts of the politics, religion and culture of Italy in the late thirteenth and early the fourteenth centuries. This paper develops the most salient political, cultural, and theological elements of Dante’s Inferno, what he wants to tell about his values through his book, and how the book represents western European Mediterranean culture around 1300. In this time period, Italy was in political chaos. It lacked a stable and secure government. Furthermore, there were competing political factions and turmoil. In these troubled circumstances, Dante’s represents the political thought of the European nations in his book Inferno. The most salient political element of Inferno is the competing political factions in Italy. During his journey in the book Inferno, he criticizes the political factions in Italy many times. As he says, â€Å"From there downward he is all of chosen iron, save that his right foot is of baked clay, and he stands erect on that more than on the other.†(Canto XIV) The right foot of baked clay represents the corruption of the church by political factions. Moreover, Dante also thinks that the cause of rebellion was political factions, too. According to the book, he states, â€Å"But that ungrateful populace malign which descended from Fiesole of old, and smacks yet of the mountain and the rock, will hate thee because of thy good deeds; and this is right, for among the bitter sorb trees it is not fitting the sweet fig should bear fruit.† (Canto XV) This phrase, â€Å"Ungrateful populace malign which descended from Fiesole of old†, represents the Fiesole people who settled down in Florence (Firenze). Dante thought that the Fiesole was the cause of political factions in Firenze. In addition, â€Å"the bitter sorb trees† means the political faction in Firenze and ‘the sweet fig’ represents Dante himself. Dante thinks all of the political corruption came from the political factions. According to his thought, political factions are regarded as a sin in Hell. For example, Dante’s political enemy placed in the fifth level, the wrathful level. He is very  excited to see his political enemy being punished and moreover Dante wants him to be punished more harshly. As he says, â€Å"Master, it certainly would make me happy to see him dunked deep in the slop just once before we leave the lake – it truly would†(Dante 140, Canto VIII). He was a member of the political faction opposite Dante, the Black Guelphs. As you see, Dante hates political factions in Florence. He frankly criticizes political factions in his book. The most salient cultural elements in Dante’s Inferno are Roman-Greco traditions, beliefs, and culture. Roman-Greco culture is the key element in Dante’s Inferno. He borrows many stories from Roman-Greco mythology. In Inferno, Roman-Greco traditions and beliefs are very significant for leading the story. For example, the idea of evil and the order of sinners are all from Roman-Greco culture. Furthermore, Zeus’s mythology is in Inferno, too. The most major theological element in Dante’s Inferno is the concept of the belief in the Holy Trinity. Firstly, the existence of Hell is an element of th e Christian tradition. The belief in the Holy Trinity concept informs the structure of Hell. There are nine circles in Inferno. ‘9’ is the Holy number in Christianity. In the Inferno, 9 Concentric Circles are the fundamental structure of Hell. Dante uses numbers 1,3,9(3), 10,(31), 100(10). There are three animals, 100 Canti Jesus. Among the numbers ‘10’ is the perfect number in Christianity. Dante may want to express the heaven after the nine circles, thus heaven will be the tenth circle. In addition, there are many references to the Bible and Christian theology. For example, in the First Circle of Hell, there are spirits of those who lived virtuously but without Christianity. Dante thinks that the lack of Christianity is also a sin. â€Å"The good Master to me, â€Å"Thou dost not ask what spirits are these that thou seest. Now I would have thee know, before thou goest farther, that they sinned out; and if they have merits it sufficeth not, because they had not baptism, which i s part of the faith that thou believest; and if they were before Christianity, they did not duly worship God: and of such as these am I myself.† (Canto IV). Through Dante’s Inferno, there are Nine Circles in Hell. According to the Nine Circles in Hell, we can study the culture and society aspects in the thirteenth century through the gravity of the offence. The Nine Circles are divided by the gravity of the offence. The First Circle is for people who placed in Limbo such as virtuous pagans, the Second Circle to the Fifth  Circle: Lust, gluttony, greed, and anger. The Sixth Circle is for heretics, the seventh represents violence, the eighth circle exists for people who commit sin of fraud and the Last Ninth Circle is for people who commit malice or treachery. According to the each circle of sins in Hell, we assume that heretics, violence and fraud treated heavily in the thirteenth century. Not only the gravity of the offence in the thirteenth century, but also we can see the society aspects from Dante’s Inferno. Through the book, we can guess that the simony prevailed in the thirteenth century. For instance, there were spirits in Hell who perpetrate simony. Furthermore, the pope’s status raised and it became very powerful in Europe compare to before the thirteenth century. As he says, â€Å"†¦but already the time is longer that I have cooked my feet, and that I have been thu s upside down, than he will stay planted with red feet; for after him will come, of uglier deed, from westward, a shepherd without law†¦Ã¢â‚¬ (Canto XVIII) This phrases represent of the Clement V who will come from Avignon. Avignonese Captivity is an incident that Clement V moved the Vatican to the Southern part of France. This incident signifies that the pope’s status raised and it was really powerful as much as he could move the Vatican. Lastly, the most important thing to Dante through the book is an act of treachery. Through Dante’s Inferno, he made the last circle of Hell for people who commit treachery. It is because he was afraid of the temptation of treachery. He dearly wanted to go back to his town at that time. However, if he goes back to his town, he had to take a opposite political party who exiled Dante from his hometown. It means that he commits treachery to people who followed him. He would not want to commit treachery to people who supported him. Thus, through the book, he articulates his value that he would not commit treachery to people who followed him. Not only the determination of the act of treachery to Dante, but also he completes the definition of the God in Hell an d understands about the structure of Hell through the book, Inferno. In conclusion, the most salient political element of Dante’s Inferno is competing political factions. Because of troubled circumstances in Italy in the thirteenth century, Dante hates about the competing political factions and he thinks that all causes of political chaos in Italy is competing political factions. The cultural element in Inferno is Roman-Greco tradition, beliefs culture. Through the book, Dante borrowed many stories  from Roman-Greco tradition culture. For example, the order of sinner and the concept of evil were borrowed from Roman-Greco tradition culture. Furthermore, a mythology about the Zeus is one of the examples of Roman-Greco beliefs. Theological element of Dante’s Inferno is the belief of the Holy Trinity by using numbers such as 1,3,9,10,100. Also, he borrowed and used references to the Bible and Christian theology. We also can guess the culture and social aspect in 1300. At that time period, simony prevailed all over Europe and the popeâ€⠄¢s status was very powerful. Through the book, Inferno, Dante wants to articulate his thought of treachery. He determines that he would not commit treachery because of temptation by his own desire. Dante’s Inferno was the most experimental work in the thirteenth century. His book implies political, religious and cultural elements in the thirteenth century.

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foreign essays

foreign essays Sverre sà ¸v diagonalt over senga mens han siklar p puta. Han er i djup sà ¸vn. Buksa er halvvegs p og skjorta er p vranga. Det er ein à ¸lflekk p skjorta. Mora roper fr trappa. du m vakna no, frukost! Sverre vaknar raskt. Han ser forskrekka rundt seg. Augene er raude mens munnen str p vidt gap. Hrfrisyren hans er heilt omforma. Han har eit kvalmande uttrykkje i ansiktet. Han svarar. komme! mens han strekkjer kroppen sin. Han reiser seg og sitter p sengekanten med henda over ansiktet. Snn sitter han ei lita stund mens han stà ¸nner litt mens han mumlar lgt. Komme Og han tar seg p hovudet som han hadde vondt. Mora roper igjen. kommer du?! No blir maten kald. Sverre sitter enda med hovudet mellom beina. jaaaaa! roper han irritert tilbake og reiser seg for g til badet. Han tar av seg kleda han har p seg og bytter dei med noen andre som henger p stolen p rommet hans. Han ser seg i spegelen. Augene liggje p halvglà ¸tt. Han tar p springen og dyppar ansiktet i kaldt vatn. Han tà ¸rker seg i handklede og gr ned trappa for ete sà ¸ndags-frukost med mor og far. Han fiksar seg ein siste gang, der han tà ¸rkar seg i ansiktet og rettar seg opp. Han ser nervà ¸s ut. Han rettar p kleda sine og spaserer ut p kjà ¸kkener der Far og Mor sitter. Han hà ¸yrer radioen str p og at dei diskuterer noko. Han kommer in. Det blir brtt stille. Far og mor slutter snakke. Far snur seg. Litle sà ¸stera hans Hilde sitter der ogs. Sverre sitter seg ned p kjà ¸kkenstolen. Alle tre ser p Sverre. Far - kva er det s feiler deg da? Er du sjuk? Spà ¸r han undrande. ...

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Agra Is A World Famous Tourist Spot Tourism Essay Essays

Agra Is A World Famous Tourist Spot Tourism Essay Essays Agra Is A World Famous Tourist Spot Tourism Essay Essay Agra Is A World Famous Tourist Spot Tourism Essay Essay Tourists and history lovers have endless love for Agra for its exceeding edifices and memorials. Agra is besides a outstanding pilgrims journey centre due to the presence of several spiritual topographic points. Temples, mosques and other structural admirations in Agra provides spiritual and religious feelings for the visitants. Presence of legion graves, rocks and cemeteries dedicated to good cognize spiritual leaders are celebrated in the land of Agra.Mariam s grave the grave of Mariam, married woman of great Mughal EmperorA Akbar is besides present here. The secular sentinel of the metropolis is depicted in several celebrated topographic points of worship for both the Muslims and the Hindus like the Jama Masjid and the Mankameshwar temple. The Guru Ka Taal located at Agra is a big armored combat vehicle with beautiful towers erected around it. The Jama Masjid and Moti Masjid located at Agra built by the great Mughal emperor Shahjahan are first-class illustrations of the glorious Mughal architecture. JAIPUR The Pink CityaˆÂ ¦ . The glistening Jaipur besides known as the the Pink City was founded by and named after Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II. The royal Rajput heritage is clearly seeable in the imposing garrisons and impressive castles of Jaipur attract tourers from all over the universe. Jaipur is a land of natural beauty and great history. The warm cordial reception of people and ofcourse a overplus of colorful handcrafts drags the visitants to this brilliant land. In add-on to that Jaipur hosts several festivals from the modern Jaipur Literary festival to the traditional Gangaur, Teej and the Kite festival lauding its image. The City Palace Complex is abundant with a rare combination of the finest blends of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture and is one of the most brilliant wonders in Jaipur. The huge country right in the bosom of the old metropolis is so a singular sight. Several edifices, immense courtyards and well-planned gardens make this composite a beauty. The Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II Museum includes the mahal comes before the chief composite. A long series of royal costumes like embellishments, shawls, Benares silk saris, the maharaja s pajama, kamarbands, chogas, jamawars etc are an attractive force in the museum. Giant sized musical instruments like the tanpura and sarangis are besides displayed in the museum. The Maharani s Palace includes the deathly Rajput scissor-action stickers which have a alone on the job action are a delectation for visitants. There are broad assortments of early pistols, the 1s that served as walking sticks, etc. One of them was the size of a little canon fired from a camel s dorsum, handguns attached with blades, matchlocks, double-barrel guns and percussion cap guns.Daggers with grips of crystal and tusk are invaluable. Peak-kubz jambhiya, Qatars, chhuris, Rajput and Iranian blades are besides a great attractive force. The shield of Sawai Pratap Singh and Raja Man Singh s blade, a large scope of shields made from the teguments of crocodile, rhino, and turtle tegument is besides on the show. UDAIPUR Venice of East .. ! ! A Udaipur officially known as the metropolis of lakes and Venice of East is the lovely lakeside capital of Mewar. Udaipur was founded by Maharana Udai Singh II as the concluding capital of the former Mewar land. The land of Mewar was the most respectable of all Rajput princely states in Rajasthan. The warriors of Mewar are still remembered for their courage A ; bravery. The legion rivers crisscrossing the town gave Udaipur another name as the metropolis of lakes. The beauty and singular yesteryear of Udaipur remain in the Black Marias of visitants for a long clip. Udaipur is a beautiful metropolis in the province of Rajasthan besides referred to as the Kashmir of Rajasthan or the Venice of the East . Udaipur the Romantic City of India is one among the most romantic and most beautiful metropoliss of the state. The exuberant hills of the Aravalis around the cerulean H2O lakes make this land beautiful. Udaipur metropolis of Rajasthan province is a blended with intriguing sights, sounds and experiences drenched in love affair and beauty. The land is inspired by the poets, painters and authors for the serene atmosphere. The spirit of heroic past carried by the temples, fairy-tale castles, gardens, lakes and narrow lanes strewn with stables is an prototype for the heroism and heroism of the metropolis. The enchanting lakes, castles and lively workspaces and civilization pulling both the foreign and domestic visitants have made Udaipur a popular tourer finish in India. Udaipur is besides a favorite matrimony finish of many outstanding people of the state. The Swaroop Sagar Lake, Fateh Sagar Lake and the Lake Pichhola are the three interconnected lakes of Udaipur. Major metropoliss of the state including Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai are easy accessible from Udaipur. Goa One of the most preferable vacation finishs of India is Goa. The topographic point particularly during the monsoon is a tropical Eden enrapturing all the twelvemonth unit of ammunition. Goa is one of the most visited finishs of the state. Fringed by coastal trees and lapped by Arabian Sea the Goa beaches are a delectation and the perfect finish for a fantastic haunt. Goa is a picturesque blend of enormous natural beauty and traditional and modern aspects of Indian life. The blowy thenars, plush landscape, sun-kissed beaches, and the next Arabian Sea tapping on shores make Goa a really lovely finish. The Catholic churches and Gothic temples make the architecture of Goa a reminiscent of the colonial epoch. Other outstanding 1s are the Church of St. Francis, the Church of St. Augustine, St. Anne Church, the Reis Magos Church, and the Mary Immaculate Conception etc. It exhibits one of the finest beaches in the universe and particularly for beach lovers Goa is an absolute delectation. With the flea markets and Trance parties, Anjuna beach is the outstanding one in Goa. The Chapora Fort located nearby Anjuna beach offers a brilliant position of the huge bluish Sea. The Calangute beach of Goa being the most commercialised beach of the South Western portion of India is one of the non to be missed beaches. These beaches are a favourite to the tourers for the eating musca volitanss and stores that are lined up here. Some other outstanding shores of Goa are Vagator Beach, Candolim beach, Baga Beach, Bambolim Beach, etc. Every twelvemonth this enrapturing finish attracts plentifulness of tourers with its alien beaches and energetic night life. The spice plantations are besides a major attractive force in Goa. A Mysore City of PalacesaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦ ! ! Mysore besides called as the City of Palaces is a major tourer finish of south India. The topographic point is outstanding with castles, temples, royal edifices, museums, gardens, waterfalls and amusement Parkss. Mysore the former capital of Karnataka played an of import function in the South Indian history. Along with its drastic growing as a celebrated tourer finish the rich cultural and historical bequest of the metropolis is good maintained. The impressiveness of the metropolis of Mysore made it a favourite finish for visitants all over India. Visitors from within every bit good as outside the state are greatly attracted to this glorious finish. The City of Mysore is known as the City Of Palaces for the figure of glorious edifices built by the Royal households. Many of the traditional edifices are keen illustrations for the Dravidian architecture. There are figure of other tourer s attractive forces that one can see in Mysore, apart from the Palaces and architectural luster. The Chamundi hills temple on top of the hills is one of the popular musca volitanss in Mysore. It is a favourite finish for the venues and a outstanding landmark of Mysore. The KRS dike and the next Brindavan Gardens are deserving sing in Mysore. The Garden of Brindavan is alone. This garden is celebrated for its colorfully lit dance fountains that come alive once the Sun sets. Another finish worth sing is the Mysore Zoo which is the oldest Menagerie in the country.It was set up by Maharaja Chamaraja Wodeyar in the twelvemonth 1892.A At present equipped with the most modern installations the menagerie is a innovator in engendering animate beings in imprisonment. With a relic of the third century St. Philomena the Philomena Church is another celebrated memorial of Mysore metropolis. It is preserved in a catacomb in below the chief communion table. The high steeples with a tallness of 175 pess are a good known characteristic of this church. Set in exuberant green milieus the three lakes in Mysore have become a oasis for migratory birds. KASHMIR The Eden on EarthaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦ ! ! A The ageless appeal and luster make Kashmir an surprisingly beautiful finish of the state. Due to its natural beauty, alluring snow capped mountains, musical waterfalls, scenic lakes, exuberant green milieus, verdant forests and many other topographic points of tourer involvements, the land is called the Paradise on Earth. Located at the northern most tip of the state Kashmir is one of the most sought after vacation finishs. The Great Himalayan Ranges and the Pir Panjal surrounds the brilliant land of Kashmir from the North and south severally. The capturing natural luster, blissful atmosphere, sightseeing topographic points, cultural diverseness, low locals, and the cool climatic conditions make the Beauty of Kashmir unique. The Kashmir vales are crisscrossed by outstanding rivers. These dramatic characteristics enhance the beauty of Kashmir to give it a topographic point near to Heaven on Earth . Kashmir is an ideal topographic point for pilgrims journey, escapade athleticss and trekking every bit good as leisure holiday. The natural heavenly beauty of Kashmir lures 1000s and 1000s of tourers from all over the universe. The lakes of Kashmir dotted with houseboat installations are the alone attractive force of the region.A Cruise on the fabulous Houseboats in the lakes of Kashmir is an enrapturing experience. The hills of Kashmir capped with snow exhibits really low temperature doing it ideal for jaunts. Some of the outstanding locations of Kashmir are Bahu garrison, Raghunath temple, Sonamarg, Mubarak Mandi Palace, Chadar Trek, Gulmarg and Peer Baba. KANYAKUMARI With the Arabian Sea in the West and the Bay of Bengal in the E Kanyakumari is a really alone finish of India in the province of Tamil Nadu. Kanyakumari or Cape comerin is located in the southernmost tip of the state, where the three seas get united. The beautiful dawn and sundown of Kanyakumari made it a popular finish of India. A batch of tourers are attracted by the calm beauty of Kanyakumari. It is one of the rare finishs in the universe where both dawn and sundown can be observed from the same point. Murugan Kundram is atop a hill at Kanyakumari which gives a brilliant position of both dawn and sundown throughout the twelvemonth. The sundown is seeable merely from October 15 to March 15 in a twelvemonth ; whereas the dawn can be viewed from this southernmost tip throughout the twelvemonth. This topographic point offers a fantastic birds-eye position of the full Kanyakumari. On full Moon yearss both the sundown and moonrise can be seen about at the same time from the same topographic point. This alone spectacle is witnessed at Kanyakumari. Two stones In the thick of the sea known as twin stones , with the memorials of swamy Vivekananda and Saint Thiruvalluvar contribute to the rich Indian heritage. The rich cultural heritage and the history of Kanyakumari day of the month back to decennaries. Kanyakumari is the hub of civilisation for centuries and is outstanding for the civilization, humanistic disciplines, economic system, and history. Kanyakumari is one of the outstanding pilgrims journey finishs of South India due to the cases of many faiths like Islam, Christianity, or Hinduism. The constructions, humanistic disciplines and even in the culinary arts of Kanyakumari reflects this assorted civilization. KERALA BACKWATERS God s ain state ! ! Kerala blessed with a alone characteristic called the backwaters is the southmost province of the state. The wide stretch of waterways is a permanent beginning of touristry every bit good as a support for the province. The backwaters surrounded by the tall thenars and coconut trees exhibits the ruffling beauty of nature. Every twelvemonth 1000s of domestic and international tourers are drawn towards these enrapturing backwaters. The green milieus, vivacious people of the venue and little small towns make the visitants feel elated. The major characteristic of Kerala backwaters are the houseboats which attracts plentifulness of tourers. Houseboats traditionally named as the ketuvalloms are really big all-wood vass with all installations provided indoors. Equipped with modern installations house boats meets up to the universe criterions such as big hotel suites etc. We can watch the beauty of the backwaters right from a room inside the houseboats. Most of the suites are good furnished, air-conditioned with no via media in safety of inmates. They are assisted by a general director, chefs or cooks.The traditional Kerala culinary arts and particular sea nutrients of Kerala are served pleasurably in the houseboats. There are comfortss like dining extravaganza, ayurveda massage and beauty interventions inside the houseboat. Alappuzha, Kuttanad, Thiruvallam, and Kollam are the outstanding backwater parts of Kerala. The backwaters of Alappuzha witness the exciting serpent boat races of Kerala which brings tonss of visitants to this enrapturing land. In these esteemed boat races the traditional boats of Kerala participate. Delhi Delhi the capital metropolis of India besides known as New Delhi is one of the chief reaching point for abroad tourers. The Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Humayun s Tomb, Lotus Temple, Akshardham Temple and Jama Masjid are the chief topographic points of tourer attractive force in Delhi. Delhi locally known as Dilli offers a big chance for a enormous shopping of unique and diverse traditional merchandises. Karol bagh, Connaught Place, Chandni Chowk, Sarojini nagar Market, Palika Bazzar, Gaffar market and Lajpat Nagar Market are the chief markets of Delhi. Another non to lose finish is the Delhi Haats. The metropolis is non merely the capital of the state but is acclaimed for being the cultural capital of the state excessively. The dramatic architecture is depicted by the antique memorials of Delhi. The metropolis witnesses the interesting blend of civilizations, the cryptic infinity of the rise and autumn of many great imperiums. There are seven metropoliss in the modern-day Delhi which were built by different emperors in average clip. Some major tourer attractive forces are made from the ruins of this ancient metropolis. The metropolis of Delhi consists of two parts, one is the old portion and the other is the new 1. The Old Delhi is full of Mughal and British architectural constructions, by-lanes and back streets whereas New Delhi contains several modern edifices and offices. The climatic conditions of Delhi are utmost. The summer can be really hot. Temperature frequently goes above 45A ° Celsius while it is chilly and foggy in the winter. The ideal clip for sightseeing and escapades is from the month of October to March. AJANTHA ELLORA Ajanta and Ellora Caves are rock-cut cave memorials and are two different tourer finishs in Maharashtra. The Ajanta-Ellora Caves are located near the metropolis of Aurangabad in the province of Maharashtra. They are declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Beautiful pictures and sculptures are featured in these caves. Situated merely outside the small town of Ajanta are the outstanding Ajanta Caves, 107 km off from Aurangabad metropolis. Dating back to the second century BC, there are around 29 rock-cut cave memorials in this composite. The first group of these caves was built around 200 BC, while the 2nd group was built in subsequently 600 AD.A Ajanta caves are nestled in the semi-arid Sahayadri Hills above the Waghur River and are outstanding for the beautiful pictures and sculptures. It is built utilizing merely cock and chisel. These caves are the privy retreats for Buddhist monastics to execute their rites in the chaityas and viharas.A The well preserved wall pictures of Boddhisattva, Padmapani and Avalokiteshvar are the outstanding graphicss in the caves. The archeological site of the Ellora cave composite is located 30 kilometer from the metropolis of Aurangabad. These caves were built by the Rashtrakuta swayers between the 5th and tenth centuries. There are 34 caves in the cave composite that were hewn out of solid stones of the Charanandri Hills. These are the monasteries for Buddhists every bit good as temples for Hindus and Jains.A The Ellora complex comprises of 12 Buddhist, 17 Hindu and 5 Jain caves which symbolizes the spiritual harmoniousness of that clip. The Ajanta-Ellora Festival organised every twelvemonth in Aurangabad is meant for paying testimonial to the legendary caves of Ellora, Ajanta and other historical assets of the state. Darjeeling Queen of hillsaˆÂ ¦aˆÂ ¦.. ! ! A Darjeeling is a outstanding Himalayan metropolis located in the province of West Bengal. It is good known for the appeal and is considered to be one of the best hill Stationss in India. The environing countries of Darjeeling like Mirik, Jaldapara, Gangtok and Pelling are besides outstanding tourer finishs. This concealed Eden of North Bengal includes a joy drive in the universe celebrated plaything train which has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage site. Darjeeling is one of the most important and organized hill resorts of India. It lies 686 kilometer from the fields of Kolkata perched at a tallness of 2134 metres with a background of the mighty snow clothed Peaks of Himalayas. The universe s highest extremum and the 3rd mightiest and highest cragged snow extremums can be viewed clearly from this sight. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site prominent for the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and the tea industry. Finest blend of tea can be tasted from this hill station. Darjeeling had now become the most coveted vacation finish of the state with countless tourers who throng it. The Buddhist monasteries and the Hindu temples are the most visited finishs of Darjeeling. The Darjeeling Rangeet Valley Passenger Ropeway, Singalila Range Trek, the ultimate Toy Train trip in Darjeeling and much more provides an Adventure Tourism in Darjeeling. A Along with tea, oranges and cardamon are besides available in plentifulness in Darjeeling. Amazing merchandises of Traditional humanistic disciplines and trades of Tibet and Sikkim are available for shopping. Delicious culinary arts of traditional Tibetan and Sikkimese manner are available in the hill station along with the other Indian dishes.A Summer and spring are the ideal seasons to see Darjeeling. The hill station receives a moderate rain throughout the twelvemonth. SHIMLA The Summer RefugeA A Shimla is the present capital ofA Himachal Pradesh and the former summer capital of British in India. The land of Shimla has been blessed with all the natural premiums doing it an ideal tourer finish. It is surrounded by green hills with snow capped extremums with enormous scenic beauty. The dramatic cool hills of Shimla are accompanied by the constructions made during the colonial epoch which creates an aura different from other destinations.Shimla retains itsA colonial heritage with expansive old edifices pouching at it seems with unprecedented enlargement. The statelyA Viceregal Lodge, capturing Fe lamp stations and Anglo-Saxon names are few of the architectural lusters of Shimla. Shimla unfolds many parts that remain concealed to vehicles. Sankat Mochan and Tara Devi can be linked with a short train drive to Tara Devi station. The amble and shopping on the Mall and in Lakkar Bazaar is inevitable for the tourers. The Lower Bazaar that runs parallel to the Mall at a lower degree spirits a typical Indian market topographic point. The wild flower hall, Mashobra, Naldehra, Tattapani, Fagu, Narkanda and Chail are some of the major sightseeing countries in Shimla. The best clip to see Shimla is during April to August or during December to January nevertheless it can be visited throughout the twelvemonth and can bask the appeal of each season. Shimla experiences cold and chilly air currents from the upper Himalayas during winter.A Shimla witnesses many winter athleticss and ice skating carnival during winter.A A UTTARANCHAL Uttaranchal is a north eastern province of the great Indian District with huge beauty and repose. The snowy mountain ranges, gusting rivers, natural repose and lakes made the topographic point more attractive. The western portion of the Himalayan ranges provides a picturesque of snow capped hills in Uttaranchal. It is known as the land of God with many outstanding temples and pilgrim centres. The green vale, exuberant forestry, rich vegetation and fauna attention deficit disorder to its beauty. Uttaranchal is a common field day topographic point with many adventuresome athleticss like trekking, skiing, skating, wildlife campaign etc. The hill Stationss, Glaciers, wildlife, pilgrim centres and national Parkss are the major tourer finish of the province. The vale of flowers made the topographic point more colourful with plentifulness of different species of vegetation. Musoorie, Khirsu, Pauri, Nainital, Kausani, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Auli are the most outstanding hill Stationss of Uttaranchal. Experience the most hypnotic beauty of nature from these outstanding finishs of Uttaranchal. RAJASTHAN The province of Rajasthan is good known for its delicious tourer finishs. The imperial land of Rajasthan is known as the province of colourss, garrisons, festivals and quaint nature. The province is located in the north western portion of the state with hilly terrain and Thar Desert. The pink metropolis of India-Jaipur, the Golden metropolis of India-Jaisalmer and the metropolis of Lakes-Udaipur are the major significance of the province. Explore the magnificence of inviolable castles and garrisons, amazing lakes, aureate comeuppances and alien wildlife of Rajasthan. The alone civilization, festivals, traditions and life style of people made the topographic point a mesmerizing tourer topographic point. The Rajasthan culinary arts and Sweets are really celebrated for its different manner and gustatory sensation. The attractive handcrafts of Rajasthan are celebrated for its beautiful manus embellishment. The desert festival is one of the popular festivals of Rajasthan which attracts tonss of tourers from all around the world.A KULLU MANALI Kullu And Manali are the most dumbfounding hill Stationss of North India. These celebrated finishs are located at a distance of 40km from each other and at 570km and 521km severally from the province capital of the state, Delhi. This absorbing finish has snow covered mountain scopes, rhythmic rivers, dense forest scopes, cascading waterfalls, vales and many more. There are broad options for adventures activities like skiing, trekking, rafting etc at this amazing finish. Above all these birds-eye position, there are besides a figure of temples and memorials at Kullu-Manali. The best clip to see Kullu Manali hill station situated at Himachal Pradesh is during the month of May, June, and September to November. This picnic topographic point is one of the most crowded one in India being the oasis for escapade lovers, vacationists and newlyweds. Manali hill station is located at a tallness of 6398feet above sea degree with intense cold clime. The temperature varies from 15 to 20 degree Celsius but it may even travel below -5 during October to March. Rohtang Pass, Hidimba Temple, Maa Sharvari Temple, Solang Valley, Rahala Waterfalls, Rozy falls, Zana falls, Naggar, Monasteries, Manali Gompa are few of the major finishs at Kullu Manali. AMRITSAR Amritsar is a perfect tourer finish of India showcasing the compound traditions and secular civilization of the state. The metropolis of Amritsar is besides regarded as an of import devout centre for the presence of many enrapturing temples. The glorious yesteryear, brilliant nowadays and a hopeful hereafter are good exhibited in the metropolis of Amritsar. This absorbing land is titled as the gem of Punjab for the comfortable depositary of national heritage and faith. Amritsar is the largest and most of import metropolis of Punjab and is located 280 stat mis from Delhi. Amritsar is known for the outstanding aureate temple devoted to Sikh faith. The sacred armored combat vehicle environing the temple offers a lovely sight of the temple. The Durgiana temple situated earby is a partial reproduction of Golden temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. The Harike Wetland Lake is another outstanding tourer finish of Amritsar which is declared as national wildlife sanctuary. The topographic point is formed on the point of meeting of the rivers Beas and Sutlej. Amritsar experiences a semi waterless clime suitable for jaunt on any clip of the twelvemonth. The Jallianwala bagh commemoration marking the forfeit of many lives is located near to Golden temple. Another outstanding site is the Rambagh garden which is laid out in the form of Shalimar Bagh at Lahore. VARANASI Varanasi is an of import Hindu pilgrim centre of the state and is the oldest metropolis of the universe. Varanasi is the land of spiritualism, Indian doctrine, mysticism and Hinduism. These are good depicted in the outstanding temples, legion religious orders, Ashrams and Ghats. Along with Hinduism, other faiths like Jainism and Buddhism is besides practiced in this sacred land. The old Indian civilisation is greatly reflected in Varanasi. The metropolis is the place for many carnivals and festivals all round the twelvemonth in Varanasi which includes the outstanding Bharat Milap, Kartik Purnima, Ganga Festival, Buddh Purnima, Ramlila, Panch Koshi Parikrama, Nakkatyya, Hanumat Jayanti and Mahashivratri. Varanasi is the metropolis of Ghats associated with history dated back to centuries. Varanasi touristry reached its highs for both its historic and celebrated pilgrims journey significance. Varanasi besides known as Banaras or Kashi has many outstanding tourer finishs. The Ghats of Va ranasi, Bharat Kala Museum, St. Mary s church, Nandeshwar Kothi, Banaras Hindu university, Ram nagar Durg etc are few of the attractive forces. The pilgrimage musca volitanss of the metropolis include Durga Temple, Bharat Mata Temple, Kashi Vishwanath Temple, and Tulsi Manas Temple. The escapade lovers can bask the beauty of nature and diverseness of wildlife from the Chandra Prabha Wildlife Sanctuary and Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Respons Post - Essay Example According to the Mayo Clinic, if a person has a long struggle with diabetes, there are a plethora of potential complications including â€Å"cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage, cancer, and brain problems (â€Å"Complications,† 2011). Many of these complications are due to the fact that diabetes damages blood vessels, especially when left unchecked/untreated, which leads to the deterioration of these body systems over time. I think that America as a whole is seeing more cases of diabetes mellitus because of the general lifestyle. Many people are developing Type 2 diabetes because of poor diet and lack of exercise. There appears to be a connection between obesity and Type 2 diabetes specifically, and since Type 2 diabetes seems to be on the rise, I think it is fair to link the high fat and high sugar diets of Americans to the rise of this disease for the most part. I think that what you said about your grandfather is really important in terms of controlling the disease and preventing the complications. You said he is eating healthier and exercising more. I think for many people this is a key factor in staving off the illness. Of course, this may not be the case for everyone, particularly those with Type 1 Diabetes, but I think for a good portion of those facing diabetes, diet and exercise would be very important. I think it is a good idea to become more aware of the amounts of sugar, salt, and fat in our food because with more attention paid to it, it is more likely that people will not consume as much of them and possible save themselves from a fight with this

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The role of resilience in the work place and its relationship with Thesis

The role of resilience in the work place and its relationship with physical and emotional well-being - Thesis Example the role of organisation, both leaders and employees need to be inculpated in ensuring enough organisational flexibility to endure themselves into the future that is prone to change and the change of changing essence (Friedman, Merle, 2005). This paper reflects a relatively new concept known as Resilience that can handle this new wave of organisational change and sets a cohesive and conducive vibration within the organisation that helps maintain the spirit of the employees and the organisational productivity during the ever changing changes of ups and down. Resilience is that power which builds the strength to fight back any adverse situation. And more an employee can perform this; more mutually beneficial it is for both the employee and the organisation. It paves the way for flexibility and innovation skills that result in deep and constant renewal capacity of revolutionary thinking, totally free from any conventions and of new markets where no one sets in before (Friedman, 2005). T his is the essence of what is called Resilience. In basic sense, Resilience is an attitude, which is directly co-related with an individual’s development and well-being. When the mind and the body are strong enough to face the wicked wind of stress, downfall, impossible deadlines, unpredictable changes and the unsaid agitation of personal or organisational instability; it is rest assured that the person is conjuring the power of Resilience, the power of fighting odds thus to set a harmony. In surge of increasing the organisational bottom line most of the organisations have downsized their workforce leaving less people to do the work and following this retrenchment the core of people have been termed as the working wounded! The long-term effect of such occurring is known as the survivor syndrome; like soldiers left intact after a war and lurching guiltily on their survival. The modernization of human civilization led to innovation and adoption of improved technologies into our daily