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Essay on STD PREVENTION - 536 Words

Abstinence And STD Prevention Today’s world is full of worries and problems which did not affect teens a generation ago. New problems keep appearing in today’s world, such as STDs, increased pregnancy rates, and other factors facing teens who choose to have sex. Emotionally and physically teens and getting less developed before having sex and are not prepared for the serious problems which come along with their decision to have sex. No longer is it a matter which will just go away if we ignore it, but teen health and the health of our society depend on choices which today’s teens make regarding sex. With so many diseases and problems facing today’s world, abstinence is the only way to protect ourselves. Abstinence is a safe†¦show more content†¦Its symptoms can be managed, but not cured. Fifteen percent of all teenage girls carry the virus that causes genital warts, another common STD. Gonorrhea, not uncommon in teens, is known to cause pelvic pain, discharge, and painful urination. It may leave its victims sterile. Perhaps even more serious is the disease Syphilis, which killed famous mobster Al Capone. It causes sores, rashes, brain and organ damage, and death. It can also harm an unborn child. AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is a growing danger, and is by far the most serious sexually transmitted disease. AIDS is the sixth leading cause of death among 15- to 24-year-olds. Cases among teens have grown 62 percent in the past two years, and the number of teens with AIDS doubles every 14 months. A fifth of all AIDS victims in this country today are in their twenties, and since the disease takes two to ten years to develop, those victims contracted it in their teenage years. Even scarier is that, according to a study of 19 universities, one in 500 college students may carry the AIDS virus. With these frightening statistics, its easy to see why many teens are choosing not to have sex. Many bold teenagers think they can totally avoid pregnancy and STDs by using various forms of contraceptives. However, while it does lessen the chances of disease and unwanted pregnancy, birth control is not always dependable. Although sex my bring appeal to our generation, the best way to prevent teenShow MoreRelatedStd Std Prevention1489 Words   |  6 Pagesis an important issue not only to the college student population but also to society in general. STI prevention by peer education is needed to help intervene with the spreading of STIs on college campuses. The more educated someone is about STI prevention; the more likely they are to make responsible and informed choices for their behaviors. The lack of not having the knowledge about STI prevention and having unprotected sex is absurd for a college student. Therefore education must be implementedRead More The Problem With STD Prevention Essay1086 Words   |  5 PagesThe Problem With STD Prevention Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs are an increasing problem in today’s society. There are many of them and the number is increasing in the youth of the nation. According to a 2000 poll, 18.9 million cases were reported, and of that number, 9.1 million occurred in people between the ages of 15 to 24. America needs to recognize this problem more fully and find a cure for it. Abstinence is one way to help, but what people need to realize is that it is notRead MorePrevention Of Stds : Dangerous And Wide Spread Diseases2297 Words   |  10 PagesPrevention Of STDs STDs are both very dangerous and wide spread diseases. In the modern world where the cure for most of the diseases is to be found, some diseases with unknown cure are to be found as well. Among these, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a serious health problem. STDs are sexually transmitted diseases that are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungus, protozoa and parasites which get transferred during activity between two partners. If a person having a sexually transmittableRead MoreTheory Based Health And The Prevention Of Hiv And Stds2134 Words   |  9 Pagesapplying Health Belief Model and Theory of Planned Behavior/Reasoned Action to the prevention of HIV and STDs HED 525: Health Behavior and Health Education 11/17/2014 Theories: As a health educator, developing theory-based health behavior change interventions is an integral part of promoting health in the community. The theories chosen for this topic have been frequently applied to the prevention of HIV and STDs in various countries and various target populations. The research presented onRead MoreReducing Confidentiality And The Use Of STD Prevention And Care Services?711 Words   |  3 Pagesreproductive-related services. The implications for public health practice included the youths’ concerns that their parents would be notified due to the teens being on their parent’s insurance was the known issue of why majority decided against utilizing STD prevention and care services. Reducing confidentiality concerns and the use of Public healthcare services, such as local health departments can be significantly beneficial. By allowing the healthcare provider to have private and confidential time with theirRead MoreChief Of The National Center For H iv, Std, And Tb Prevention1097 Words   |  5 Pagescounty or local offices are functioning. We cannot limit ourselves to just viewing officials in higher positions as leaders, in the case of Dr. Helen Gayle, who was the director of the National Center for HIV, STD, and TB Prevention (NCHSTP) at the U.S. Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (Managing across boundaries). In her recent assignment she was credited with innumerable accomplishments in the battle against HIV/AIDS and other contagious diseases not only in the United States but globallyRead MoreRationale : Adolescents Age 151458 Words   |  6 Pages†¢ Rationale: Adolescents age 15 to 19. †¢ Projected time frame: 6 months. †¢ Short-term impact: Student will gain knowledge about chlamydia, what it is, how it contracted, prevention methods, and where to go to get tested and treated for chlamydia. †¢ Long-term impact: There will be a decrease in the cases of chlamydia in Butte County Program Objectives The program has two objectives which are: †¢ Each adolescent will be able to state what chlamydia is, how chlamydia is contracted, ways to prevent contractingRead MoreChlamydia And Rates Of Diagnosis Essay1312 Words   |  6 PagesChlamydia is the most common reported STD in the United States. Adolescent are one of the largest groups diagnosed with chlamydia each year. The literature has shown that females are diagnosed with chlamydia at higher rates than boys. The percentage of females age 15 to 19 rates of reported cases of chlamydia are 2941.0 per 100,000 population and males age 15 to 19 reported cases of chlamydia are 718.3 per 100,000 population (Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, 2015). Lack of KnowledgeRead MoreReasons For Conduct A Community Assessment Essay1352 Words   |  6 Pagesspecific disease process and disease prevention process that I am going to focus on is human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Now I am going to determine the resources available in the community. There are nineteen (19) STD/HIV testing clinics in Ft. Greene and surrounding Ft. Greene area. On one website that illustrates the facilities services states the following: Public walk-in clinic providing individuals of all ages with symptoms or at risk of exposure to STDs, with information, control, and preventativeRead MoreEssay Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Levels of Health Promotion941 Words   |  4 PagesPrimary, secondary and tertiary levels of Health Promotion Shirley Allen Grand Canyon University Primary, secondary and tertiary levels of Health Promotion In excess of ten years, health promotion and prevention has been the main focus of healthcare professionals in general, but nurses in particular. Health promotion is â€Å"the art and science of helping people discover the synergies between their core passions and optimal health, enhancing their motivation to strive for optimal health and supporting

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Fantasy Worlds in The Garden Party and Her First Ball by...

In the short stories ‘The Garden Party’ and ‘Her First Ball’, both written by the well-known New Zealand author Katherine Mansfield, the importance of detail lies in several fields. As Mansfield herself states, â€Å"there is an indefinite value and delight in detail† and this is shown constantly as she uses it much effectively to portray themes, provide us with a contrast between the two different settings and also paint us a clear picture of the protagonists’ fantasy worlds. Mansfield shows and doesn’t tell. In both the short stories, she plunges you straight into the imaginative and personified worlds of the protagonists and then the plot follows. The detailed description of the â€Å"perfect day for a garden-party† depicts Laura’s†¦show more content†¦Simple common details including â€Å"Meg’s tuberoses, Jose’s long loop of amber, Laura’s little dark head†¦Ã¢â‚¬  are seen by her as most charming and extraordinary. Unmistakably, Mansfield is constructing a ‘fairy land’ and she does it extraordinarily well as we see it through Leila’s childish eyes. As well as in the description of the protagonists’ joyous anticipation and childish fantasies, detail is used to illustrate two different settings in each story. The contrast is between upper class and lower class in The Garden Party and is achieved by describing both the Sheridans’ house and the Carters’ in detail. The Sheridans are portrayed as living in a grand, luxurious residence with the air that blows past being â€Å"windless and warm†, while the Carters’ live down a â€Å"gloomy passage† in a lane that is â€Å"smoky and dark.† â€Å"Great plumes of silvery smoke uncurled the Sheridans’ chimney†, while â€Å"the very smoke coming out of their (Carters’) chimneys was poverty-stricken.† A beautiful â€Å"green-baize door led to the kitchen regions† of the Sheridans’, while the Carters’ cooked their food in a â€Å"wretched low kitchen.† The Sheridans’ house has a lil y lawn, tennis courts and a grand piano, while the Carters’ â€Å"poky little hole† is not at all attractive. This amount of fine detail takes us throughShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Katherine Mansfield s The Garden Party Essay1428 Words   |  6 Pages2016 Title Katherine Mansfield was a modernist short story writer during the 1920’s. She wrote various short stories in the few years as an author, Mansfield s stories often commented on class, relationships, families, and sexuality, After reading a few of her most popular works the common theme of them though out was the central conclusion of them all is the protagonist coming of age by seeing the more realistic view on life. The common theme aids Mansfield’s in communicating to her readers theRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Katherine Mansfield 2012 Words   |  9 PagesIntroduction: Katherine Mansfield was a well acclaimed author born in 1888. Her literature was in the form of short stories spanning no more than several passages long. Many dub her as an innovator in literature for her distinctive use of realism and symbolism which at the time was foreign to short stories and writing in general. Most authors at the time fabricated fictional worlds with fantastic characters in th eir stories but Mansfield was more interested in writing and emerging her audience into

Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans on French Revolution Free Essays

Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans on French Revolution The Federalists wanted to remain neutral regarding the issue of French Revolution in order to avoid to a trade conflict with Britain. However, the Jeffersonian Republicans wanted to help France achieve independence from a cruel monarchy and help the Frenchmen support the idea of freedom just like the United States. The Federalist Party was led by Alexander Hamilton. We will write a custom essay sample on Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans on French Revolution or any similar topic only for you Order Now Federalists favored a strong federal government, believed that the government should be ruled by educated, wealthy men, wanted to pay off national debt, establishing a national credit, promoted entrepreneurship amp; manufacturing, and interpreted the United States Constitution with an open mind. These views supported the Federalists’ view on the French Revolution and so did Jefferson’s party. Thomas Jefferson led his party known as the Jeffersonian Republicans. The Jeffersonian Republicans supported the idea of government ruled by informed men, believed in a strong state government, wanted to cultivate an economy by cultivating crops, and followed the U. S. Constitution verbatim. Jefferson’s party too had an opinion on the French Revolution. Hamilton and Jefferson supported their party’s views. The Federalists wanted to remain neutral to avoid a sanction from Britain on American goods because they were highly concerned about paying off the national debt and ensure a strong economy by exporting manufactured goods. Conversely, Jeffersonian Republicans and his leader, an author of the Declaration of Independence, supported the motif of the French Revolution and believed that the Americans should support one similar to theirs. In conclusion, the Federalist Party wanted to remain neutral regarding the issue of French Revolution to avoid a sanction from Britain. Though, the Jeffersonian Republicans supported the French citizens to remove a feudal system, revolt against a tyranny and achieve independence similar to America. How to cite Federalists and Jeffersonian Republicans on French Revolution, Papers